What is Dropshipping?

This business model is an ordering fulfillment method where an online store doesn’t keep inventory it sells. The online store uses a vendor that fulfills any orders and ships the products to the end customer on behalf of the online store.

How much capital do I need initially to get started?

For more information on this, please set up a consultation call with one of our team members. We have several affordable pricing tiers and can also offer financial assistance (subject to good credit).

How much capital do I need after my initial investment?

This is entirely dependent on what you can afford however the more disposable funds you have the more we can scale your store, ultimately resulting in more profitability.

Is my investment guaranteed?

100%. Unlike any other business, because of our experience and confidence in this business model, we offer 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Do you manage my store completely?

YES. We have a full team of Analysts, Marketers, Brand Creators, Sales Consultants, Operations and Customer Service Associates to help build and manage your store initially and ongoing.

Do I have to purchase inventory?

With the Amazon Dropshipping model you will NOT need to purchase inventory upfront. You ONLY pay for inventory when it is ordered by the end customer through Amazon.


Speak with a automation expert to help determine your investment goals!