Who is NextGen?

NextGen Strategic Investments is a Management/Consulting firm that successfully builds and manages AMZ Stores utilizing the FBA strategy.

Why should I invest in AMZ Automation with NextGen?

Simply put, we are the best in the game! Our Founders whose guiding principles are integrity, transparency, success and people, bring a wealth of successful experience in the industry coupled with their highly trained and skilled teams who strive the success of your store across all areas.

How much funds do I need to get started?

There is a one-time service fee, base on the package selected. After that you will require a Credit or Debit Card with a minimum of 10K for the purchase of inventory. We will explain this further during your meeting with our Business Development Manager.

One-time service fee (packages)

Platinum Combo $55K 

Platinum $30K

Gold $20K

How much capital do I need after my initial investment?

This is entirely dependent on what you can afford however the more disposable funds you have the more we can scale your store, ultimately resulting in more profitability.

Is this a passive investment?

This is 100% passive, in fact, all we will expect of you is to open your Bank Account so that Walmart and Amazon can pay you every two weeks.

Do you manage my store completely?

YES. We have a full team of Analysts, Marketers, Brand Creators, Sales Consultants, Operations and Customer Service Associates to help build and manage your store initially and ongoing.

Would I need additional funds to purchase inventory upfront?

NO, we apply the Fulfillment by Merchant Strategy through drop-shipping therefore you do not purchase inventory until the end customer purchases it. In summary you only pay after your funds are secured.

What is the average ROI and over what period?

ROI varies between 20% and 40% on Walmart and 10% and 30% on Amazon. Typically, most clients recover their investment between 12-18 months. This is highly dependent on the amount of your credit line.

Is there a contract/agreement that details everything?

YES, every single aspect of your business is detailed in our Service Agreement.


Speak with a automation expert to help determine your investment goals!