Own a fully-managed Walmart dropshipping store and enjoy a consistent stream of passive income. NextGen Strategic Investments will handle everything involved in managing your store, from the setup to ongoing maintenance to customer service.

Wednesday, October 21th

11:00-12:00 am EST

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In this webinar you’ll learn:

A 100% honest, no BS explanation of what you can expect from owning an Amazon or Walmart store — the good and the bad.

The real costs and challenges of suspensions, and the best practices to mitigate your risk that we’ve learned over our XX years of experience.

Expert insights from founders Elton and Pedro’s experience and how they went from testing in their laptops to building more than 400 stores on Amazon and Walmart for NextGen clients.

About this webinar

In an industry saturated with self-proclaimed experts and gurus with no proof of their success other than their own words, it’s hard to find people that give you straight facts and a frank overview (both the good AND the bad) of the business without all the fluff and empty promises.

One of the biggest challenges we found to be common among new investors is finding the right team to work with. Our founders know it first hand because it happened to them.

You need straight facts to make an informed decision about your investment, and that’s exactly what you’ll get in this webinar from NextGen co-founders Elton Browne and Pedro Sebasco.

They’ll teach you how they lost thousands of dollars so you don’t make the same mistakes they (and most new investors) make when they start in this market.

Pedro Sebasco

Effective retired Senior Sales Executive who has brilliantly transitioned to the entrepreneurial world and currently owns and or is a Founding Partner of Miami’s #1 Auto Brokering Company, Real Estate Investment Finance Company, and E-Commerce Stores.

Elton Browne

Efficacious retired Aviation Senior Executive who has superbly transitioned to the entrepreneurial world and currently owns and or is a Founding Partner of a Real Estate Investment, Finance Company, and
Amazon E-Commerce Stores.

Pedro and Elton share common goals and run all of their businesses around their guiding principles of being honest, transparent, passionate, innovative, customer-centric, hardworking, hands-on, empathetic, self-motivated, goal-oriented, being a team player, results-driven, and maintaining a high level of integrity at all times: while creating mutually beneficial business relationships between client and manager.