What You Need to Know Before Setting up an Automated Walmart Store

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Customers are changing how and where they shop. While brick and mortar stores still have their foothold in the retail world, online options are expanding to meet customer needs. As the world’s leading retailer, Walmart is also changing how they reach their global customers by offering an online marketplace where others can set up an automated Walmart store. This option allows smaller businesses and niche industries to reach Walmart customers by selling their items alongside the wide product options sold in Walmart stores. 


Walmart launched its online marketplace back in 2009 and partners with many recognizable brands such as eBags, Wayfair, Fanatics, and Dell. Opening your own store using Walmart’s platform is a great way to reach more customers and use the power of Walmart to grow your brand and business. For investors, it is also a great way to earn passive income and grow your portfolio. Learn more about what you need to know before setting up an automated Walmart store with these tips.


Do the Prep Work

Walmart works with those professional sellers who are prepared to sell items in the United States. You’ll need a valid US Tax ID number as well as a completed W-9 form. While both items are relatively easy to acquire, there is some paperwork involved. You can apply for a Tax ID online but may need to check with your state for further requirements. Walmart requires a tax ID that is not your social security number. 


Walmart also asks for a physical address for your business as well as an integration method involving how you plan to get your product catalog on the Walmart marketplace platform. Most sellers choose between API, bulk upload, or a solution provider. Items also need a verified UPC number that could take some time to set up if your products don’t have them already. 

Automated Walmart Store Pitfalls to Avoid

While Walmart makes it as easy as possible to set up a store, there are some pitfalls to avoid to ensure future success. 

Don’t Price Too High

It is important to remember that Walmart customers expect competitive pricing. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make a profit on your products, but that pricing too high may not help you in the long run. Walmart works with sellers who understand their pricing and can be flexible in the prices offered on their marketplace. Even the difference of a few dimes or pennies could make a huge impact on your success. Price points are so crucial to Walmart that they will take an overpriced item off the market, so it doesn’t impact customer experience. 

Don’t Slack on Shipping

While Walmart customers don’t expect next-day shipping, they are happier when something shows up quickly to their doorstep. Work on your fulfillment processes to cut down on time and get items in the mail. Prepare for orders by stocking the correct box or envelope size for your products. Contact shipping companies, such as UPS or USPS, to see if they offer any deals or ways to make shipping with them easier. 

Don’t Forget the Details

Walmart requires that marketplace sellers follow many different rules and regulations to provide a cohesive customer experience online. These rules pertain to everything from the item title, description, key features, and even photo requirements. It is essential to follow these guidelines and create content for items that are detailed and honest. 

Don’t Skimp on Service

Customers expect top customer service if they ever have a problem with their item. As an automated Walmart store seller, you agree to provide excellent service to solve the issue. A quick email response, even if it states that their request has been submitted and you’ll get back to them ASAP, is a great way to provide quality customer service.  A personal email from a real (live) person on your end does wonders in the eyes of a customer. Follow up on issues and double-check with customers afterward to check if they need any more help.

Make Automation Easy With eCommerce Management

You can make your automated Walmart store even easier by choosing a management company to run it for you. NextGen Strategic Investments is a great option for those small business owners that don’t have a lot of time on their hands. Hiring NextGen allows you the peace of mind that your products are on the Walmart marketplace platform without adding more work to your already busy schedule.


Online management teams like NextGen work with many small business owners and investors like yourself who want to enter the world stage using Walmart’s powerful connections. Their expert team takes care of everything, from setting up the store to fielding customer service calls. Working with an online management team helps boost your business without any of the added work.


While setting up your own automated Walmart store can be easy, there are some things to think through before being accepted. Learn more about how NextGen can help your small business grow using the power of the world’s leading retailer. Contact NextGen today to get your store up and running in no time!

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