Is Selling on Amazon Worth It in 2021?

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Let’s face it, 2020 was the year many of us found ourselves reevaluating our jobs. Some of us lost our jobs due to the pandemic, while others learned to enjoy working from home 24/7. The past year taught us all to be flexible and adaptable to the situation. COVID-19 has prompted some of us to make career changes, go back to school, or even consider selling items online. So, is selling on Amazon worth it?

The simple answer is a resounding yes! Amazon took the pandemic by storm by delivering many items that we couldn’t get anywhere else. When brick and mortar stores were closed, Amazon swooped in for the sale, and their market share shows it. 

While other companies were floundering in this new pandemic era, Amazon increased its share of the e-commerce market in 2020 and is expected to reach the 50% mark of all e-commerce gross merchandise volume (GMV) soon

And it’s only going to get better from here. Amazon has plans to expand its grocery market share with Amazon Fresh and other exciting new trends like Amazon Live. Check out the following answers to the question, “Is selling on Amazon worth it?”

Volume of Sales

Many factors play into if it is worth selling items through an Amazon store. However, one of the best aspects of Amazon is its ability to put products in front of millions of people. You can find 54% of brands for sale on Amazon, with more planning to join the party very soon. This information means that consumers usually find what they are looking for when shopping on Amazon. 

While Amazon does sell plenty of larger products that seem too heavy to ship, they are the master at shipping smaller items to your door. A whopping 4,000 smaller items are sold on Amazon every minute

This is why so many people love Amazon. Instead of making a special trip to the store for that hard-to-find item in the beauty aisle, you can do a quick search on Amazon and have it at your door in sometimes as little as just a few hours. Even consumers in rural areas have seen delivery the next day on certain items. 

Ability to Scale

Another reason to consider selling on Amazon this year is the ability to scale your business how you see fit. It only takes a small investment to start up your store and see the profits roll in. While some big players in the Amazon marketplace make six figures, there are many sellers who like having a small shop as a side hustle. 

Amazon makes it easy to start small and then scale as your success and business grow. Many sellers make quite a living with their Amazon stores, and the pool just keeps on getting bigger and bigger as Amazon’s popularity grows.

warehouse goods

Selling on Amazon makes it easier to scale and be profitable

Ease of Inventory

If you know anyone who has a small enterprise, or direct marketing business, you have probably heard complaints about the sheer inventory needed to make a profit. Consumers want choices, which means that you’ll need to offer many different styles, sizes, and selections for every product you sell. 

One of the great things about setting up a dropshipping store on Amazon is that there is no inventory at all to worry about. There are no carts of clothes taking up your hallways or boxes of craft supplies attracting dust in the corner of the dining room. 

Dropshipping allows you to be the face of the Amazon store while a third-party supplier fills the order for you. There is no need to worry about storing the inventory, keeping it clean, and finding the right product once the order comes in.

Total Automation Available

Setting up your very own Amazon store is easy when you use an automation service like NextGen. Not only do our experts walk you through the choices and layout of your store, but they also manage it and make recommendations. Your management team solves problems and answers questions that you didn’t even know existed.

Six-Figure Sellers Do Exist

Once you find your groove with your Amazon store, many sellers scale their business to become the primary income source for their families. Over 200,000 Amazon sellers bring in over $100,000 in sales! 

Many savvy business owners use an expert management team to help them scale their store to create significant income. NextGen Strategic Investments allows investors and business owners to manage and grow their Amazon stores to boost their bottom line. Plenty of other sellers are raking in the profits on Amazon, so why can’t you join them?

Conclusion: Is Selling On Amazon Worth It?

NextGen Strategic Investments is committed to helping you set up your own automated Amazon store and manage the daily store tasks. Our clients are off making money without ever having to lift a finger! We are not only firm believers of selling on Amazon, but we are proof that selling on Amazon is worth it. Contact us today for more information on setting up your own Amazon store to reach your financial goals.

Is selling on Amazon worth it in 2021? Absolutely. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by as Amazon only continues to grow. Join us today!

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