Is Amazon Automation a Good Investment Going Into 2022?

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This past year has seen many notable investment trends and opportunities that we’ve never seen before. The explosion of cryptocurrency and the GameStop short squeeze are just a few examples of investment news in 2021. 

Another excellent opportunity for investors involves the globe’s #1 online retailer and technology. Amazon automation blends the possibility of owning your own store on their heavy-hitting platform with recent trends of consumers ordering more items online. 

So, is Amazon automation a good income source going into 2022? Of course! Not only do you get the chance to sell on the Amazon platform, but you also get to grow your income passively without any extra knowledge of online retail. Learn more to see how Amazon automation can boost your overall investment profile in 2022.

What is Amazon Automation?

Simply put, Amazon automation involves an investor, a team of management experts, and the Amazon platform. The team at NextGen Strategic Investments handles automated Amazon stores for many different clients. They work with investors to find a good fit for their financial goals and do all of the work for you. From finding a supplier, to setting up the store, to shipping and customer service, NextGen does it all so that you can earn passive income. 

How Amazon Automation Has Grown

While the online market may seem unlimited in size and capability, it can be tough to learn how to make money from the comfort of your own home. More investors have realized that Amazon automation allows them to tap into sales faster without the added stress, which is a great way to grow your business!

Amazon automation has quickly grown thanks to the use of dropshipping. This convenient way to sell online allows sellers to fulfill an order without ever placing a hand on the product. The supplier gets the order from the seller and then ships it directly to the customer. 

Dropshipping is already growing at a steady rate, and predictions state that dropshipping will only become more popular in the future. Amazon automation is the perfect match between this rising trend and the ability to make money online.

Why Amazon Automation is a Good Investment

We don’t have to tell you that time is money. As an investor, you probably have your hands in a diverse number of opportunities that require your attention. While you can’t create more time within your day, you can smartly invest by hiring a management company like NextGen to do the work for you.

Investing in an Amazon automation store allows you to tap into the online marketplace without ever lifting a finger of your own. All you need is capital to invest, and the team at NextGen will take it from there. You don’t need to worry about supply hiccups, fielding customer calls, or updating your online store. An automated Amazon store is passive income at its finest.

Estimated ROI 

NextGen estimates that Amazon Automation Store Owners will see a projected yield of 10%-30%. , depending on the available credit line. 

With the right strategies, many entrepreneurs see increased forecasted yield over time with their automated Amazon stores. What do you have to lose?  Contact NextGen today for more information about how they can help grow your overall portfolio and put the power of the internet in your pocket.

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