How to Make Amazon Dropshipping Returns Easier

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Unhappy customers can be an issue when dropshipping products through your Amazon store. Not only do they usually want a refund, but it can be tricky to receive a returned item that a third-party ships. It is stressful to work with unhappy customers who could leave a bad review or even report your store to Amazon. Learn more about how to make Amazon dropshipping returns easier with these tips.

1. Know Amazon’s Rules

It is important to always play by Amazon’s rules. When you choose to dropship items through Amazon, you agree to handle all returns and refunds yourself. This agreement means that return items will come to your address as stated on all packaging, even though the item wasn’t shipped directly from you. Remember that the seller guidelines for dropshipping state that any packing slips or labels must state your address as the seller and never mention the third-party supplier that dropshipped the item.

If you don’t provide an address for the customer to ship back the item, you can provide a prepaid return label or a full refund without the item needing to be returned. Amazon allows returns up to 30 days from when the customer receives the order, so it is good to stick with that time frame (or even extend it) for happy customers.

2. Offer Exceptional Service

Amazon returns office

Offering excellent customer service and aftercare will go a long way to keeping your store in good standing

Communication is critical when it comes to handling returns from your Amazon store. When a customer contacts you with a return issue, it is vital to respond positively and apologize for the inconvenience. Making the transaction right for your customer goes a long way in keeping your Amazon store in good standing. 

Timing is key, so it’s crucial to address feedback quickly and resolve the issue without delay. Many business owners choose to have an Amazon store management service operate their store and handle all customer service to ensure that quality is always optimal.

3. Always Be Prepared

Returns are going to happen. It’s just a fact of doing business online. Either the product is damaged, the customer ordered the wrong size, or simply changed their mind. Either way, it is crucial to prepare for returns before you ever have one. The best way to prepare yourself for returns is to create a return policy and stick to it. 

Create a system within your store to process refunds and returns and how to communicate with the customer. Have pre-paid return labels ready to go so that they are easy to send to customers in an instant. 

4. Take Responsibility

Sometimes a third-party dropshipper won’t accept a return or replace an item. In these instances, it is essential to take responsibility for the item yourself, even if you have to eat the cost. Making the situation right for the customer is not only the honorable way to do business, but it also helps you keep your store on Amazon. 

Remember that Amazon is watching those interactions and that any negative feedback can reflect poorly on your overall business. Chalk up these instances as a learning opportunity and use it to make the process better for the next customer down the line. 

5. Don’t Waste Time

Customers expect quick delivery and don’t want the inconvenience that comes with handling  dropshipping returns. Be aware that every interaction with a customer about a return costs them added time out of their day. 

Be prepared with everything they will need in one email to help make the process move along in a timely fashion. Replace items quickly by contacting your third-party drop-shipper for speedy delivery. Remember that actions speak louder than words when it comes to making it suitable for a disgruntled customer. 

6. Follow Up Afterwards

Nothing says that you care about your customer more than a quick follow-up email after receiving the replacement. We aren’t talking cheesy surveys to fill out here, but personalized notes are coming directly from you. Customers can tell when the follow-up email is an AI form or a real person. 

Ensure that your customers are happy and consider offering a coupon code for their next purchase to make amends. Include a small gift card or thank you note in the packaging to show that you care about your customers. 

Your customers will remember these small gestures when purchasing and could even end up recommending your store after such an excellent interaction with you during their return. Going above and beyond in exceptional service goes a long way.

7. Hire a Management Team to Automate Your Store

The easiest way to make Amazon dropshipping returns is to hire a management team to handle the entire store for you – including the setup, maintenance, and returns/customer service. Owning a fully managed Amazon store allows you to make passive income without needing to lift a finger. 

Our team does the research and analysis involved in choosing the right products and continuously updates and optimizes the store to ensure success. Hiring the expert team at NextGen to take care of your store for you is an easy way to remove stress and start making passive income online. 

You can’t do too much when it comes to handling Amazon dropshipping returns. Customers react to both poor and excellent communication with sellers, and it is crucial to always stay on the good side of those with the buying power. 

Working with NextGen Strategic Investments is an easy way to ensure that your Amazon store is always running smoothly and that returns are handled correctly. NextGen also takes care of all of the refund and payment issues that could occur during a refund process, making it even easier for you as an Amazon seller.

Contact NextGen today for a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you set up your Amazon store so you can begin earning hands-free passive income.



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