How does Walmart Automation work?

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If you are thinking of selling products and services via Walmart, then Walmart automation is definitely something you should consider.


This is because setting up an eCommerce store involves a lot of hard work. It is not just a question of building a website, listing products and hopefully, selling your products.


People often do not realize that there is also a fair bit of work behind the scenes, such as responding to customers, setting up the correct tax exemption records, making sure your business is credible and having the right infrastructure to sell.


Many people try to dropship online and fail because they simply don’t know how to systemize their business.


This blog explains what Walmart automation is, how it works, and some of the advantages. 


What is Walmart Automation? 


The way it works is that, in essence, you are a capital partner where you hire a Walmart automation company that provides the workforce and experience to run your store and scale it. A Walmart automation service can help you set up a business entity like an LLC or corporate company, get fully exempt, deal with customer service and get your distribution connected.


If you are using a Walmart automation dropshipping service like NextGen Strategic Investments, then once the process has started, you will have a team of people that apply for a Walmart store on your behalf, get it approved, create listings and fulfill orders, among other things.


It is important to remember that setting up a Walmart store requires capital. The more money you want to make, the more you will need for the initial investment.


This is because you will need to be able to buy the products that you are selling. The great thing about the dropship model is that you don’t need to buy anything upfront, so it reduces the financial risk you face because you will only need to purchase products once you make a sale. However, you will need to wait 2-3 weeks (depending on how old your store is) before you can get reimbursed for the money you spend. 


Why Walmart? 

Walmart has less competition and helps sellers build trust and credibility.


You may be wondering why anyone would sell on Walmart when they have about a third of the traffic as Amazon? Well, one reason is that there are not as many third-party sellers, which means less competition. 


This is because Walmart is very exclusive about which companies they allow to sell on their site. It is challenging to get accepted to sell on Walmart, but the long process is worth it in the end. The barrier to entry is more challenging on Walmart than on Amazon. 


In order to be able to sell on Walmart, you have to have great reviews, fulfill orders correctly, offer unique products and provide great customer service.


Like Amazon, Walmart is a well-known brand that can give your business exposure and bring in more leads and boost traffic. 


This will give your company more credibility and trust because Walmart will handle issues that arise with purchases. Due to the trust, they have established with their customers, you will inherit that trust by selling your products via their platform.


How Does Walmart Automation Work?

Walmart serves as the platform for third-party sellers whose products complement Walmart’s brands and pricing model.  To put it simply, the Walmart Marketplace allows a third-party seller to list their items on, similar to what you do on eBay or Amazon.


The marketplace products appear in the search results of beside the other items on the platform.


In order to get accepted, you will need to register and submit documents, such as your US tax ID, EIN, DUNS, W-9 form and proof of previous marketplace experience. 


You will also need to get onboarded, research products, and ensure that your store is set up, fully functioning and create a website.


This can be a daunting and time-consuming process, even for experienced businesses.


However, it becomes much simpler with an automation service, which can seamlessly help you through the onboarding process, handle all the legal forms and bureaucracy, build a business website, research products and set up your store on Walmart, among other things.


By handling all aspects of customer service, inventory management, and managing your store’s performance, your business will run seamlessly in the background, while you collect the paychecks once the orders flow in. In essence, you end up with an automated service that takes care of every aspect of the day-to-day management of your store. 


Why You Should Consider Walmart Automation

What many people don’t realize when they consider setting up a store via Walmart is that the onboarding process, setting up your store and fulfilling orders is only the beginning of the entire process. 


There are so many nuts and bolts to online store management that many people don’t consider. This includes returns, warehouse management, inventory management, customer service, avoiding penalties, audit management, reviews and analysis.


There’s no training manual for this, and the industry is chock full of scams. Sure, if you have decades of experience, you can perhaps try and manage the whole thing yourself, but let’s face it. Using a Walmart automation service will save you weeks of grief, hangups, delays and hassle. But that’s not even the best bit.


The best bit is that by investing in a service that helps build and manage a successful store on your behalf, you will eventually start seeing higher returns and profits more rapidly than you would if you decided to set aside years of trial and error yourself. 


That’s what we do at Nextgen. We have decades of experience in both managing businesses and eCommerce, which is why we achieve proven results for our clients over and over again. 


But why take our word for it? After all, we would say that. Check out our proven video testimonials and case studies for yourself. And if you’re ready to make the greatest investment you will ever make, feel free to get in touch via our Contact Us page.

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