How Does an Automated Amazon Store Work?

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In recent years, the term “passive income” has become more popular, and many are becoming curious as to how they can get in on the action. Today, thanks to the power of the internet and the mindset popularized by huge breakout successes like Rich Dad Poor Dad and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, our society has developed a robust groundwork that you can use to generate easy, resourceful and hyper-effective income streams. 

If you have been looking for a way to multiply your income streams with minimal effort, the NextGen Amazon automation team has the knowledge and resources to make that a reality.

The Automated Amazon Store | What is it and what’s the big deal?

A virtual storefront can work exactly like a physical storefront, but it is not limited to that. Everybody knows virtual storefronts can slash the number of players needed for a single transaction. It is this efficiency that has catapulted online sales from being a $232 billion industry in 2012 to being a $519 billion industry in 2018. 

What is less spoken about is how virtual storefronts can also welcome new players to the field. Dropshipping through Amazon automation is a business model that solves modern problems with modern solutions. 

An automated Amazon store utilizes the convenience and efficiency of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Since Amazon FBA allows you to ship products to their fulfillment centers, this makes the logistical aspect of processing, shipping, and even handling returns on orders much easier – automating the store. Without the tedious work of handling the logistics of orders, you can spend more time on optimizing the store and improving the sales.

Many entrepreneurs choose to have dropshipping automation pros handle the management and optimization of the store – allowing the investor to make hands-free passive income.

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How an Automated Amazon Store Can Help You

According to one dropshipping forum moderator, Amazon dropshipping partners can rake in a whopping $25,000 a-month if the right conditions are met. These success stories are both striking and plentiful.

For anybody with experience in the Amazon Marketplace or even in the broader game of digital marketing, this can represent a solid supplemental paycheck at the end of each month.

The best thing about automated Amazon stores is that they have a low barrier-to-entry. Anyone can do it! Not only do these businesses generally require very little seed money to start, but your stores’ products can be as flexible as you want them to be and you do not have to worry about inventory. 

Making the decision to create passive income for yourself by opening an automated Amazon store is also taking a step toward location independence. You can work from anywhere.

The important missing ingredient for many new entrepreneurs in this space is digital marketing knowhow. A successful dropshipping business is generally well marketed through social media and other internet platforms. This is the type of expertise that our team of dropshipping automation professionals can help you with if you are interested in setting up an automated Amazon store but do not have experience managing promotional campaigns online. 

How an Automated Amazon Store Helps Sellers

At some point you have to wonder, “how can this be so easy?” Well, the answer is that the ecommerce industry is not just extremely large, but also extremely varied. As a dropshipper, you can specialize in any niche you can think of. 

It is fine to have an ecommerce store that sells books for men who want to learn how to cook, but it is impossible to anticipate everything. Customers might be looking for your book for totally unexpected reasons. 

Franchising out the book to 15 independent dropshippers with different styles, products, and possibly even markets in different languages will allow a single seller to multiply his or her reach. With dropshipping, you can efficiently reach tens of thousands of potential customers who might have never been targeted otherwise.

This is not only beneficial due to the limits of individual market segmentation, it is also a way to amplify the volume of people seeing your product. If you outsource your point of sale to 15 dropshippers and each has an average traffic-per-day of 5,000 people, you are potentially getting your product in front of 75,000 people every day. 

How to Generate Hands-off Passive Income

You can see dropshipping as a form of virtual consignment minus the inventory headache. As anybody with experience in consignment will tell you, though, it can be a huge time drain if not properly managed. 

Amazon is the internet’s land of opportunity. Creating income from this trillionaire behemoth is doable but tricky. One of the things that makes an automated Amazon store so powerful is that when it is done correctly, it looks like a self-sustaining system. 

NextGen Strategic Investments will help you to create one of these self-sustaining systems that generates passive income. We will set up and maintain your automated Amazon store so your forecasted yields continue to increase over time. We don’t win until you don’t win. Join us to tap into a profitable industry.

Want to learn more about setting up an automated Amazon store?

Whether you’re completely new to the Amazon game or want to increase your profits and take your dropshipping store to the next level, our Amazon automation pros at NextGen Strategic Investments can take care of the work that comes with setting up and running a dropshipping Amazon store.

Contact us today to set up your consultation to learn more about how we can help you enjoy passive income with proven results.

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