Can Dropshipping Make You Rich? Dropshipping Success Rate in 2021

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Dropshipping is a booming business with a bright future. At $160 billion market value in 2019, with estimates to grow as much as $590 billion by 2027, there is significant potential for growth. It is crucial for those interested in starting a dropshipping business to understand ways to boost your dropshipping success rate in 2021.

Online sales were up during the recent coronavirus pandemic, and many of us have changed the way we purchase items because of it. While dropshipping can at times be competitive, there is a possibility that dropshipping could make you rich. Learn more about what makes dropshipping successful and how you can earn a passive income through this business.

1. How To Be a Successful Dropshipper

As with any business, success comes from a wide range of factors. While there are some incredible success stories, there are also those failed eCommerce stories. There is no firm data on overall success rates in this industry, but there are ways that you can ensure that your business has a good chance of making you rich someday. 

2. Choose the Right Product

It is essential to offer a product to customers that you can get excited about. Choosing the right product will help energize your business and keep you going when things get challenging. While you may not choose the right product at the start, continue testing products that you enjoy and can get behind. 

How We Can Help

The experts at NextGen Strategic Investments know what products work and what products will have more trouble. When you choose to invest with us, you don’t have to worry about the research and testing required when finding the optimal products to sell; we do all of that for you. Our team does a thorough analysis before selecting the products to sell in your store, always ensuring that the most profitable items are listed.

3. Invest in a Trusted Service 

A dropshipper working from home filling out forms

Choosing a good product and investing in the right service is an essential component of success.

While it is possible to start a dropshipping store with little to no capital, it is pretty hard to get off the ground. Most successful dropshippers will tell you that it takes about $5,000 to start the business. Investing in your business is a risk, but it doesn’t have to be when using a service like NextGen.

How We Can Help

Working with NextGen is a great way to generate hands-free passive income! Working with a trusted service like NextGen makes it easy and safe to build your business through dropshipping and automation.

4. Plenty of Patience

The chance that you will start a dropshipping business and receive hundreds of orders on the first day is slim to none. Building a successful business takes time and patience to see it work. Not only do you need to set up your online store, but you also need to market to potential customers and allow time for them to make a purchase. Set a short-term goal for your business and commit to working hard until that date to see where your business stands.

How We Can Help

At NextGen Strategic Investments, we work hard for our clients and start the ball rolling immediately after they invest. While it still does take time to grow a successful business to make you rich, we do have clients who have seen significant results through a lot of patience and persistence. Our multiple success stories speak for themselves!

5. Improve Your Store With Automation

While there are many options for setting up a dropshipping online store, Amazon is by far the best available. In 2020 alone, Amazon was the leading online retailer with almost $386 billion in sales. It is the first place many consumers go to when looking to purchase an item online. Dropshipping is allowed on Amazon as long as you follow their rules.

How We Can Help

Amazon automation is what NextGen does best. Not only do we help our customers find success selling items on Amazon, but we also do all of the work for them. Our clients earn passive income by hiring us to deal with the daily questions, concerns, and issues that could arise. Creating an automated system will improve your store without the need to lift a finger.

6. Excellent Customer Service

Some things can go wrong with online businesses, and it is essential to provide customers with excellent service. When the wrong item arrives or there is an issue with a product, helping customers quickly and efficiently is vital to your success. In our current world, customers expect lightning-fast answers to questions or solutions to their problems. A day, or even an hour, maybe too long for some customers to wait.

How We Can Help

We have over 600 dedicated staff members ready and willing to help your dropshipping business succeed. When you hire us to run the store for you, we ensure that we answer every customer’s question. We resolve all issues or problems for our customers. You don’t need to worry about a thing because we have it covered. 

While some dropshipping businesses are successful on their own, your business has a better chance of a high dropshipping success rate when you work with those specialized companies like NextGen that can fully automate the business. 

Allow the expert team at NextGen to show you how your business can grow using our unique tools and capabilities in this sector. For more information, contact NextGen today for a free consultation to see if this would be a good fit for you and your business.

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