5 Things no one tells you about Walmart Dropshipping

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Walmart is the second-largest retail ecommerce marketplace and it makes up 6.7% of retail ecommerce sales in 2020.


It is second only to Amazon except it has the advantage of leveraging its high street stores, which helps its users to expand their reach. It deals in a wide variety of products, such as groceries, apparel, furniture, home appliances, and electronics. Walmart operates through three distinct business segments: Walmart U.S., Walmart International, and Sam’s Club.


The company was founded by Sam Walton who focussed on low prices, which helped the company grow from a small regional player to a multinational regional giant. 


Therefore if you are thinking of setting up an online retail store, then walmart dropshipping is your best bet. 


But there are some things you should know. We discuss them below.

Walmart is a billionaire!


In 2020, Walmart generated $35.86 billion in sales. But its profitability doesn’t end there. This year, it is expected to make up 7.1% of total US ecommerce sales. In other words, entrepreneurs who use the platform can expect to make a healthy profit in 2021. 


Fast forward to 2021 and it is retrospectively clear that while many businesses were negatively impacted by the coronavirus, Walmart only continued to grow. In fact, the pandemic caused Walmart’s US ecommerce business to grow by 76.0%, and generated $53.30 billion in sales. 


Walmart has also contributed to the world’s biggest industry with a net worth of $548.743 billion.

Walmart has 150 distribution centers!


Did you know that Walmart has more than 150 distribution centers? Its distribution operation is one of the largest in the world. It ships general merchandise, dry groceries, perishable groceries, along with other product categories.


The distribution centers cover a large area too. They are more than 1 million square feet in size and employ 600+ personnel that are responsible for unloading and shipping over 200 trailers daily. Moreover, its shipping center supports 90 to 100 stores in a 150+ mile radius.


In addition to its shipping centres, it has six disaster distribution centers. 

Robots work at Walmart

Technology never fails to impress and nowhere is this more apparent than at Walmart. The retail giant has used giants to complete a number of errands, like washing floors, filtering for mistakes and checking rack stock. By February 2022, Walmart aims to have self-governing floor scrubbers in 1,860 of stores out of 4,700 US stores, according to a CNN report. In addition, Walmart stores will also be equipped with robots that will check rack stock.  It will be incorporating autonomous robots into its operations on a daily basis.


Walmart will also have robots that scan shelf inventory at 350 stores.


As robots take on a more significant role at Walmart and the algorithms get more advanced, this will make it much easier, faster and more convenient for entrepreneurs to connect with potential customers.

Walmart is Omnipotent

Well perhaps not in the strictest sense of the word, but it sure is everywhere! Did you know that 90% of the population in the United States lives within 10 miles of a Walmart store? It has stores in 50 states and Puerto Rico. In 2017, the company noted that 95% of US shoppers spent money in a Walmart. 


At the start of this year, it was estimated that Walmart had a total of 11,443 retail stores throughout the world and then later operated 11,847 stores.


Furthermore, around 270-275 million people visit Walmart every day worldwide, according to figures by statista.This equates to just under 40 million visitors per day at nearly 11,500 stores worldwide. In fact, it is likely that the vast majority of everybody in the US has visited one of these stores at least once in the past month. 


Walmart’s retail sales doubled their nearest competitor in 2020 and its revenue increases by 2-3% every year. There was also a 2.81% increase in revenue in the previous annual cycle. Therefore, if you are thinking of Walmart dropshipping, then Walmart could potentially be a very lucrative investment. 

Walmart Is a Profit!

Walmart is one of the most profitable retail giants in the business and even during one of the most challenging times society has faced in recent years, its profits only continued to grow. 


Figures published by the Motley Fool showed that the retail giant grew at an astounding pace and increased its dividend every year since 1974! During the second half of the 1990s, the rate of return rose from 12.50K% to just over 90K%.


While the profits haven’t been quite as steep as it was in its inception, the retail giant saw a sharp rise in return around the 2011-2012 timeframe when returns rose from approximately 70K% to around 100K%.


In other words, the stock returns have experienced periodic rapid growth, even after the initial boom of the late 1990s.

Why You Should Consider Walmart Dropshipping


Walmart is one of the most profitable retail giants out there. Not only is it keeping pace with technology and making some of its processes more efficient, it has also grown exponentially over the years. 


Even a global pandemic was not enough to dampen the profits of Walmart. This is no doubt in part due to the fact that the superstore has grown its online business and maintained its reputation for maintaining quality at bargain prices.


This is great news for anyone that is considering Walmart dropshipping. When you get accepted as a seller on the platform, you essentially join a well-known business that literally has stores and distribution centers everywhere. 


Considering the company is now worth over $200 billion, it’s fair to say that joining forces with Walmart is one of the best investments you can make.

You’re Not Alone

While there are many benefits to Walmart dropshipping, the truth is that it is not easy to set up an online store. This is because Walmart is notoriously strict when it comes to approving sellers on their platform. 


The approval process as well as the onboarding process can be expensive and lengthy, while the day-to-day inventory management, tax forms and customer service management can really take its toll.


This is where we come in. We take on all of the heavy lifting and leave you free to enjoy the profits. We handle all of the customer enquiries, store management, product research, claims management and much more. 


Why go through the stress and expense of handling all of these processes on your own when you can take advantage of our tried and tested Walmart dropshipping system?


Contact us today to find out how you can benefit. 

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