We believe in being honest, transparent, goal oriented and customer centric which are some of the beliefs that bring us together as entrepreneurs to bring you the best Dropshipping Automation.

Who are the people running Next Gen Strategic Investments? Meet Ignacio, Pedro and Elton. Three adaptable entrepreneurs who come from different career paths, backgrounds and journeys which have bonded into one very powerful business unit. They share common goals and run all of their businesses around their guiding principles of being honest, transparent, passionate, innovative, customer centric, hardworking, hands-on, empathetic, self-motivated, goal oriented, being a team player, results driven and maintaining a high level of integrity at all times: while creating mutually beneficial business relationships between client and manager.

At Next Gen, we believe that success must be shared at all times and be a common goal therefore we will not surrender until you enjoy the results that we promise to deliver on each and every store! When there is a challenge, we bond even closer as every challenge enhances for the next time around.

Pedro Sebasco


Effective retired Senior Sales Executive who has brilliantly transitioned to the entrepreneurial world and currently owns and or is a Founding Partner of Miami’s #1 Auto Brokering Company, Real Estate Investment Finance Company and E-Commerce Stores.

Elton Browne


Efficacious retired Aviation Senior Executive who has superbly transitioned to the entrepreneurial world and currently owns and or is a Founding Partner of a Real Estate Investment, Finance Company and Amazon E-Commerce Stores.


Juliano Lopez

Diana Mateo

Elisa Debrosse

Claudia Sarli

John Pineda


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